Professional Short Sale Negotiating for Realtors and Homeowners

Real Estate Agents feel confident with our high rate of success and approvals. We have gained Short Sale approval in the most difficult of circumstances. In our experience, the key to avoiding unnecessary delays in obtaining approval is in submitting a qualified complete Short Sale package all at once with a few key pieces of additional information.  


Homeowners feel confident with our qualified Short Sale Real Estate Agents working on their behalf to bring qualified buyers to the table. 

Services 1. Complimentary Market Analysis

When considering a Short Sale it is important to know what the value of your home is. A comparative market analysis is an informal appraisal of your property based on the final sale prices of similar properties. The price formulated in a comparative market analysis is usually used as a basis for negotiating when listing a property on the market. It gives you an idea of the fair market value of your property. This market analysis is made from a collection of listings that have already been sold or are actively on the market and are similar in location, square footage, condition, and other factors. Comparative market analysis helps the seller create realistic expectations. It also gives us negotiating strength by submitting offers with real time data. 

Services 2. Real Estate Agent Services


Your qualified Real Estate Agent will review the comparative market analysis with you. Once determined that a Short Sale is your best option, the agent will list your home for sale. We work closely together to ensure you are completely informed every step of the way in your real estate transaction. 


Once a buyer has put an offer on your home, your Real Estate Agent will contact you to review the offer. If it is a reasonable offer based on the market analysis, you decide if you accept the offer. 


The accepted purchase agreement will begin the Short Sale process with your lender.


Services 3. Short Sale Negotiating and Processing

We will contact your lender on your behalf and obtain their Short Sale requirement package. It is a time to explain your hardship to your lender and offer financial information and documentation as part of their review process. The bank will require current bank statements, pay stubs, and the most recent year's tax returns. There may be additional documents to complete. 


Once all required documents are collected and submitted, your bank will assign a negotiator to your file. We will negotiate directly with the assigned person. If necessary, we will escalate to higher bank officials. 

If there is a foreclosure in process, we will monitor to postpone the sale to allow for the closing of escrow.