Olga Buendia - Owner 

I am someone just like you. I know what it's like to struggle and not know what to do. Many years ago, before the housing bubble began to burst in 2005, I had a home. We fell behind in payments. I remember the nervous feelings wondering what was going to happen. Was someone going to knock on our door and tell me and my family to get out? If so, where were we going to go? I didn't know then that several years later I would enter the mortgage industry looking for work. My background was working for an Elementary and Jr. High School as the Principal's Secretary. In this position, I developed a great passion for helping people including parents, staff and students.


In 2001, I entered the mortgage industry and further developed my passion for helping people by solving complex disputes between homeowners and the bank concerning their mortgage. When the housing bubble completely burst in 2008, the mortgage company I worked for closed down. I subsequently went to work for a top law firm in Orange County as a Case Manager for four years negotiating with banks helping hundreds of people avoid foreclosure.

Now I bring my passion and expertise to you. Having worked for a mortgage lender knowing the mindset of what they want, we offer you a unique advantage to getting the job done. I have had the privilege of working with high ranking bank officials that have helped me solve escalated issues. 


You will never wonder what's going on with your house or what will happen next. We keep you informed every step of the way. 


We will contact the bank on your behalf to start the short sale process and get your home on the market. I am a licensed Realtor and will effectively market your home and find a qualified buyer.

If you already have a Realtor, I will work closely with them to get your short sale approved.

Drop us an email and let's get started. 

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